(VIDEO) Woman Brags Online After Secretly Using Her Menstrual Blood To Cook Spaghetti For Her Boyfriend And He Then Proposed To Her

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here”. See how this woman went online to brag about using witchcraft to hook her man.

The anonymous woman took to Facebook to brag to her followers how she got her man to propose to her using witchcraft.

According to her, she put her menstrual blood inside her boyfriend’s spaghetti and according to her, it worked, he proposed.

See what she wrote below;

So scrolling through facebook today, one of my homegirls was asking does blood in the spaghetti trick really work, lol now i aint tryna influence nobody to do anything but there was no ring on my finger before the sphagetti but after the spaghetti there is a ring! It’s a cold world out there ladies, sometimes you gotta do what you gatta do

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